Ransom and Sin Offering


For some time I have been thinking about writing a page on this subject.I will do so now.

I think all Bible Students are familiar with the concept of the Ransom.Jesus gave his life as a correspondent price for Adam and his posterity.The Sin Offering is a bit more confusing.It shouldnít be.This will be an effort to make it simple.

The 16th chapter of Leviticus has a list of instructions for the Israelites as to how to conduct the Day of Atonement. Why did they need a Day of Atonement?The Hebrew nation was Godís first and only nation that he chose as his own. All are sinners.In order for God to deal with them some way had to be found to make them right with Him; thus the sin offering.On the tenth day of the seventh month of every year they had what was called the Day of Atonement. Animals were used as an offering and were considered as making atonement for their sins.It really didnít do it but it was reckoned as though it did.All this was typical of the grand antitype of the world of mankindís atonement with God.The whole Gospel Age is the antitype of Israelís atonement day.The sin offerings are the Christian people that are offering themselves as sin offerings, Romans 12:1.

And so the Ransom paid a price that none of Adamís posterity could pay.The ransom was a sin offering, but there were other sin offerings that were not nor did they have anything to do with the ransom.The followers of Jesus in this Gospel Age are sin offerings.They are allowed to do as Jesus did, that is to consecrate their lives and it is applied as sin offerings to get rid of sin.The ransom paid the price needed for any of this to have affect. The ransom paid a needed price but it didnít get rid of sin.This was all pictured by the bullock and two goats of Leviticus 16.The bullock pictured Jesus.The bullockís death pictured the ransom and the things done with its blood pictured the getting rid of sin.The lords goat pictures the church and was treated the same as the bullock.The goats death didnít do anything but his blood having been treated as the bullocks blood was treated shows that the church has a hand in getting rid of sin and as such is part of the sin offering.The scapegoat was not a sin offering. He had all sins put on him and he carried them away into the wilderness never to return, and was the final act of getting rid of sin. This pictures the work of the Millennial Age and pictures the churches part in getting rid of sin and bringing all mankind back into harmony with God.Jesusí work was not finished with paying the ransom.He has yet to bring mankind back into harmony with God and his church will be with him to do it.I have here made a little change in this explanation from the way Pastor Russell explained it and I may be criticized for it.It makes sense to me and the basic thoughts are the same as the Pastor explained them.

The basic question here is, was the Scapegoat a sin offering?He had all sins put upon him and he carried them away to the wildness never to return.That sounds to me like the work of the Millennial Age.Israelís Atonement Day was to make Israel right with God.The work of the Millennial Age will defiantly be bringing mankind into harmony with God.That will require getting rid of sin.That will not be done until the end of the age, but it will be done.Doesnít it seem that that should someway be shown in Israelís Atonement Day?Doesnít it make sense that this was the reason for the Scapegoat?I wonít dogmatically defend this interpretation, but it seems to me that it is worthy of consideration.I am willing to wait and see.I thank Brother Hudson of England for this thought. I may have muddied the waters more than helping but I hope not.